Adding your Eyefi key to ShutterSnitch

For security reasons Eyefi cards won't talk to any receiver over a Wi-Fi network unless it has the key for the card. Here's how to find it using a PC or Mac.

If you have already added your key to ShutterSnitch on another iOS device, you can easily copy it to another installation via the in-app Settings > Advanced page > Share Configuration. Just select the Eyefi Card Keys, tap Share and AirDrop to your other device.

Note: for the old 'Eye-Fi Pro X2' or 'Eye-Fi mobi' orange cards this guide most likely won't work. Instead, use hansendc's eyefi-config application to extract the key directly from it.



If you haven't done so already, install the Keenai Desktop application* and add your wi-fi network to the card.

Open a File Explorer window and click the path-box. Then type in C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Keenai Desktop\Mobi\client and press enter.
You should now see a client.db file. Mail that file to your iOS device and open it in ShutterSnitch to add the key.


If you haven't done so already, install the Keenai Desktop application* and add your wi-fi network to the card.

Open a Finder window, press Cmd+Shift+G and go to ~/Library/Application Support/Keenai
Depending on your situation the key is in either the offline.db file or a .db file with a number-prefix.
AirDrop or email those files to your iOS device and open them in ShutterSnitch.


Since the Keenai application only runs on Mac or Windows I suggest installing VirtualBox, importing a Windows VM, and following the Windows guide.


You're now done with the Keenai application and you can either uninstall it or close it via the menu bar. It is very important that it's not running in the menu bar while you're trying to transfer files to ShutterSnitch.

Create or enter a collection, take a few photos, and wait for the card to find ShutterSnitch and transmit them.


Files don't transfer?

For more help visit the ShutterSnitch Eyefi Forum.

* The installer packages on Keenai's server seem to be inaccessible so I'm hosting them here - until they ask me to take them down.

Privacy Notice: ShutterSnitch only extracts what it needs from the .db file - the key and MAC address of the card. Those values never leave the device unless you make a backup of the app data or share the configuration. In short 2ndNature—the developer of ShutterSnitch—never sees or receives this data. Your data is a metaphorical hand grenade to me - I don't want it! :)