Version 4.1 (Approved)

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Version 4.1 (Approved)

Postby TheBrew » Tue Dec 19, 2017 2:25 pm

* New add-on: Image Adjustments. See some tips + tricks here.
* Fixed an Altitude metadata parameter crash.
* Maybe fixed a wi-fi card disconnect crash.
* Fixed a media-picker layout crash on iOS 9.
* Improved data providers for Drag & Drop operations.
* Fixed a keyboard-type issue in the FTP location editor.
* Fixed a slider layout issue in the image mask view controller.
* Fixed a "glitch in The Matrix" in the first step of the super-user password setup guide.
* Fixed a Photo Library permissions issue.
* Fixed a metadata corruption issue with a specific character sets.
* Copying metadata from one file to another will clear the thumbnail of the target file if one exists.
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