4.7 (Approved)

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4.7 (Approved)

Postby TheBrew » Tue May 14, 2019 12:29 pm

* Sorry to mess with your object recognition circuit but the Share button icon is now a more correct checkmark icon.
* The Metadata Editor now has a page with the non-editable file information.
* The old way of resetting the Superuser password is replaced by a button on the Advanced tab in the in-app settings.
* You'll see the amount of space the cache files take up under in-app settings > Advanced > Rebuild Cache.
* Bonjour discovery in the Location Export sheet looks for WebDAV servers instead of FTP servers (*much* faster transfers).
* Tapping and holding the 'Select All' button when importing from PTP/IP sources will let you select all protected files.
* Saving JPEGs and sibling raw files to the camera roll at the same time will merge them as one asset.
* Now handles opening of .db files in order to more easily add Eyefi card keys.
* Overflow-buttons presented via the "more-dots" wrap if they don't fit on screen.
* More filmstrip sorting options.
* Dragging the slider in the Action Tasks sheet will auto-scroll when it reaches the top or bottom.
* Reduced memory usage when creating thumbnails of adjusted photos.
* Giant foundational code rejiggering to get ready for the future. Hope you don't notice any change.
* Layout and bug fixes.
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