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Version 5.6.1 (Approved)

PostPosted: Fri Sep 23, 2022 8:39 am
by TheBrew
* Added support for the Getty Images Routing Destinations metadata field.
* Fixed various iOS 16 related issues.
* Fixed a hostname resolving issue for SFTP locations.
* Fixed a crash occurring when cancelling an active SFTP transfer.
* Fixed a manual ordering crash in the Code Replace editor.
* Fixed a WebDAV directory listing issue with filenames containing brackets.
* Fixed a PTP/IP thumbnail parsing related crash.
* Fixed an XMP corruption issue on OSes that zeros out memory on free().
* May have fixed an MSearch notification related crash.
* May have fixed an SFTP race condition crash.
* Minor fixes.

Note: Apple no longer lets me submit apps containing 32-bit code. That means I have to drop support for devices older than iPhone 5S / iPad Air / iPad mini 2nd generation (late 2013). On the up-side the app is now half the size.