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Version 7.0.1 (Approved)

PostPosted: Wed Mar 13, 2024 7:24 pm
by TheBrew
* The bottom toolbar of the Metadata Editor is now not hidden when using an external keyboard.
* Added Command+Shift+C and Command+Shift+V keyboard shortcuts to the Metadata Editor to copy and paste all metadata fields.
* Added an in-app Settings option to the Advanced tab to change how the cache file creation works. Per Collection ensures smooth operation when browsing a collection but on space constrained devices Per File can be preferable since a cache file is only created as a file is viewed.
* Fixed a bug causing the Reduce Motion preference for the browser not to be re-evaluated when it changes.
* Fixed a bug that caused photos to not be displayed in the Metadata Editor, on Mac, if they had been adjusted.
* Minor fixes.