Version 7.0.3 (Approved)

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Version 7.0.3 (Approved)

Postby TheBrew » Thu Apr 11, 2024 2:53 pm

* Added a Tag toolbar button for quick setting/unsetting of tags.
* Made it possible to order the tag list.
* From iOS/iPadOS 17 and up the CR3 parsing is assumed working (so a fallback JPEG preview doesn't "hide" a corrupt raw).
* Changed the Settings group 'Metadata Editing' to 'Editing' and added an 'Image Adjustments' section containing a setting to show the rotation control previously only available on Mac and Vision Pro.
* Fixed an IPTC metadata issue causing TimeCreated and DigitalCreationTime not to include a potential Exif Offset Time.
* Fixed a bug that could cause some XMP metadata not to be deleted when using the 'Remove all metadata' action.
* Fixed a bug causing the filter-button to show as active in the Filmstrip mode if a text-filter were set in the Grid mode.
* A major amount of minor optimizations and fixes.
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