The Settings

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The Settings

Postby TheBrew » Wed Jun 09, 2010 9:20 pm

Here's a little more in-depth explanation of the settings:


Wi-Fi FTP access / Username
Is used for authentication when you connect to a collection via FTP. Why no password, you might ask - that is set up the first time you run the app. The password is also used for superuser access - more on that later.

Wi-Fi FTP access / Port
When programs and devices talk to each other on a network they need to know at least 2 things: who do we want to talk to (the host / IP address) and, to avoid too much noise from all the other jabber, what "line" they can talk on. That nice quiet line is the port!

Eye-Fi transfers / Enabled
Turning this off will make ShutterSnitch ignore any incoming transfers from Eye-Fi cards.

Eye-Fi transfers / Accept JPEGs only
Eye-Fi cards can also send RAW and video files - these can get pretty large.. ShutterSnitch is meant to be a fast preview screen, so this is off per default.

Browser / Show listening info
Just that. Show listening info (IP address, Port, Eye-Fi status) in the bottom right corner whenever you enter a collection.

Browser / Titlebar text
This is the text displayed in the top bar inside of a collection.

Browser / Status messages
Status messages are shown in the titlebar when a file is being received and analyzed.

Browser / Show only JPEGs in filmstrip
If you have RAW and JPEG files in your collection you may want to only see the JPEG version in the filmstrip?x

Browser / Start browsing from 1st photo
When looking through the different collections, the browser remembers what photo you looked at last and resumes viewing from that one. If you don't want this happening, enable this setting and the browser will always start from the beginning when entering a collection.

Browser / Auto-show description
Gives you the option to not have the black description field show up automatically when you browse to an image that has a description.

Browser / Visible delete button
If you turn this on, a trashcan icon will show in the navigation toolbar.

Browser / Rendering indicator
When you zoom into a large photo, it's rendered in tiles - making it possible to display very very large photos on the limited hardware specs. of the iDevices. While it's rendering, the unrendered tiles are shown in low resolution. Some times it can be hard to see if the entire screen is fully rendered. If you turn this on, you can keep track of that.

Browser / Background color
Changes the background color of the browser.

Browser / Zoom to fill screen
This will zoom the photos to fit the shortest edge.

Options / Show tips
If this is turned on, you'll be presented with a tip dialog on the screen. If you would like to reset the shown tips, you can do this from the collection overview -> Options -> About -> Reset tips button.

Options / Open in overview
If this option is enabled, Snitch will always just open in the collection overview. If it's disabled, the program remembers where you were when it was closed and will start inside that collection. If something goes horribly wrong and a file inside this collection crashes ShutterSnitch every time you open it, enable this setting to at least get back in.

Options / Thumbnail is current photo
When this setting is enabled, the photo for the collection in the collection overview will be the last photo you viewed. If it's off, the photo will be either the latest photo received or the photo you've picked by tapping and holding a photo inside the collection and tapping the "Use in coll. overview".

Options / Save small images to Photos
Saving large images to the Photos app can take some time. If you don't need the maximum resolution of the image, this option makes saving the images a bit faster.

Options / Keep display on
If you turn this on, the screen will stay on while you're inside a collection.

Options / External screen
This setting lets you choose whether an attached external screen should display as a mirrored version of what's seen on your device or if it should be a fullscreen view of the photos you browse.

Display image masks on: / External screen + Slideshows
If you set up an Image Mask in your collection, should it also be displayed on an attached external screen / during slideshows?

Multitasking / Allow background transfers
If you want to let ShutterSnitch keep receiving photos even when you exit the app, turn this feature on. But - as the note says - be aware that iOS apps are only allowed to run for a maximum of 10 minutes in the background before they're "put on ice". If the system needs to free up some memory, it can however overrule that and put ShutterSnitch to sleep before the 10 minutes are up.
Update: This setting is removed and is on per default from version 2.10.2.
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