Using MyWi on a JB iPad

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Using MyWi on a JB iPad

Postby msatter » Mon Feb 04, 2013 3:57 pm

When I bought Shuttersnitch I also installed MyWi via Cydia. I have a iPad type 1 WiFi and it all worked perfectly. Connection between the EyeFi card and the iPad in a few seconds and I could have a other active router besides my private network so I could switch between receiving pictures or checking my e-mail or browse the internet.

Newer versions of IOS appeared and I did not update to them because I had a working system. A week ago (January 2013) the I took the step to update to IOS 5 and MyWi became totally unreliable and it was very difficult to set up a connection between the camera and the iPad. This was the opposite behaviour that I expected.

So began to try out different IOS versions and MyWi versions to get working combination again. To make a long story short I ended up at the IOS version I had the latest and that was 4.31, 4.33 is also good, and I am now pleased that all is working again and no more new versions of IOS for me to spare me the frustration I had the last week.

Why am I using MyWi and not the Direct WiFi the EyeFi card is offering? Because it will take up to 45 seconds before it will connect which is much slower than my current set up.

If someone knows how to speed-up the connect to the card please let me know and my new Transcend card can also profit from that.

MyWi on a non 3G iPad will only offer adhoc and not infrastructure hotspot.
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