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Stands for tablet or phone

PostPosted: Fri Aug 25, 2017 4:05 pm
by msatter
When using the tablet in the studio, on location or outside you want to have it near so that you can check the pictures.

I made a long time ago my stand from a Griffin cabinet holder and my iPad has a silicone cover on the back so it really thick. It fits very well and does not drop out even if you point the tablet downwards. The cabinet holder does not have an foot/stand to put flat on the the table so I put a foot/stand from an obsolete monitor underneath and I used it many times and it never let me down.

Now I got an other tablet I needed a new holder and I was searching everywhere but did not find what I wanted to use and would trust enough. I did not expected to have to search that much and I have now found a system that looks very promising and I have ordered my new stand. It is not cheap but then you get an flexible and sturdy system for that.

I had a long look at Brodit that seemed promising but I could not complete the set and much later I found the brand Joy Factory which makes all kind of configuration and is besides in the USA also available in shops in Europe.

Re: Stands for tablet or phone

PostPosted: Sat Sep 02, 2017 3:01 pm
by msatter
I have now my little stand for iPad 2017 and really pleased with it. The foot is not that wide but nice and heavy so for an iPad up to 10.5 inch heavy enough. For an 12.9 inch iPad it is to light so only fixed arms will be good for the big iPad versions. The magnetic connection on the arm clicks firmly to the shell and you can't pull it straight of and only on a angle. If someone is bumping from the back or front to one side with enough force it can come loose. Luckily there is a screw that locks the arm to the shell which first have to be loosened to be able to detach the shell from the arm.

The only worry I have is the left side of iPad because the is a cut out for magnetic cover and it would be nice if the maker of the shell would make a second version with no cut-out just for optimal protection for the iPad.

Excellent replacement for my self build version I made a few years ago.