Crowdsource: which cams w built-in Wifi work with Snitch?

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Crowdsource: which cams w built-in Wifi work with Snitch?

Postby Ranger 9 » Sun Nov 10, 2013 5:36 am

We're seeing more new camera models with built-in Wifi, but it seems that many of them are taking the disappointing route of working ONLY with the camera manufacturer's app. (The Olympus E-M1 and Fuji XE-2 apparently are examples. Boo.)

It would be great if all manufacturers made their built-in wifi conform to some kind of standard (what's so bad about FTP, guys?) or at least would supply Brian G. with documentation about how their wifi implementations work, so he could evaluate if it's feasible to add support for them. But since they probably won't, I'd like to know who the "good guys" (ShutterSnitch-friendly) and "bad guys" (ShutterSnitch-hostile) are, so I can avoid buying the latter.

Could we start a list here of which wifi-enabled cameras definitely DO work with ShutterSnitch, and which definitely DON'T?
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