Cam-Fi compatibillity

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Cam-Fi compatibillity

Postby Ronny Benjamins » Thu Aug 04, 2016 12:34 pm

Hello all,

I use the Shuttersnitch app a lot for event photography together with my Nikon D750.
Works perfect. I also made an image overlay. The app automaticly puts the overlay over all the images, super. Now, I would like to use my Nikon D3 also in the same way. The D3 has no WiFi built in. But I have a Camfi WiFi device. ( I found that the site does not respond today. It looks like Shuttersnitch is not compatible with this device.
Can somebody tell me if its possible to let Shuttersnitch work together with the Camfi device.

Ronny Benjamins.
Ronny Benjamins
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