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IPTC encoding

Postby Hsberlin » Sun Dec 09, 2018 8:44 pm

Since summer i‘m working with ShutterSnitch for Iptc captions and sending my pictures to various servers.
One news desk have some problems with reading my captions and asked if the IPTC encoding is Mac Roman and if the IPTC
code is written as Unicode ( in PhotoMechanics you can choose these options )
So my question is how ShutterSnitch writes the IPTC code ?
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Re: IPTC encoding

Postby TheBrew » Sun Dec 09, 2018 9:18 pm

Older software may read or write in Mac Roman but ShutterSnitch writes in UTF-8 (Unicode). (Before you ask if I can add a setting to choose to write in Mac Roman: It's like asking if the car wash could raise the ceilings for the horse to go through.. Well, we've switched to cars now. ;)

Metadata is an absolute war-zone and if files contain both XMP data and IPTC data (most do) some software choose to only read one of them. If you have issues reading all the data, it could be because the software just reads the older IPTC format - which doesn't support all the fields XMP offers. If you're lucky the reader has a setting to switch which type to read first. Photo Mechanic for example has a setting to read the XMP before the IPTC.
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