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Re: EOS R and shuttersnitch access

Postby TheBrew » Sat Mar 23, 2019 10:39 am

msatter wrote:I can understand that and TheBrew explained it well why he went to a subscription plan after years of maintaining the app.

You can't put all your problems withTheBrew this because if Canon made a standard interface that would be the same for every Canon camera now andin future then developers would be the extra work be spared.

That is why I use WiFi SD-cards to be not depending on the camera maker if he is nice or not nice.

It's quite alright - can't please everybody.

I'm just happy there are customers around, like you msatter, to keep the development alive. Thank you! :)
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Re: EOS R and shuttersnitch access

Postby andreas.buder » Sun Apr 07, 2019 2:51 pm

Hey modestmouse,

I use the Toshiba Flashair W-04, which is a pretty fast WiFi-card (32 MBit/s reliably), so that your in camera JPEGs get transferred in about 4-6 seconds each. That way, you stay independent of any camera, as msatter already suggested.

I even made a video about it last week, just search for Canon EOS R Wireless backup on youtube. It is called ‚Wireless backup solution for Canon EOS R (Flashair+Shuttersnitch)‘.

But if you want to use the built in WiFi of your EOS R, there is another option: Just subscribe Shuttersnitch only then, when you want to use it, and then unsubscribe for the time you don’t use it. Nobody forces you to stay subscribed the whole time. That way, you don’t have to pay, when you don’t want to, but still use Shuttersnitch when you want with only a very modest price for one month.

Have a nice day,
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