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D5 + WT

Postby TheBrew » Mon Nov 26, 2018 8:14 pm

The FTP server in ShutterSnitch runs on port 26000 but the D5 connection wizard doesn't offer an option to choose the port.

So in order to successfully complete the wizard, start by going into the ShutterSnitch settings and change the FTP port to 21.

With that done, let's get started:

* On the camera, navigate to the wrench-icon -> Network -> Choose hardware -> Wireless LAN.
* Now select Network settings -> Create profile -> Connection Wizard.
* Choose "FTP upload" for the connection type and enter a fitting name for the profile.
* Choose the way you want to connect. Obtain the IP address automatically.
- If you chose Access Point, join the camera network from your iOS device.
- If you chose to join a wireless network, make sure your iOS device is also on that network.
* The FTP server type is FTP. (Not SFTP)
* Now the camera will ask for the FTP server address. Enter/create a collection in ShutterSnitch and you'll see the IP address (a set of 4 numbers separated by dots) displayed at the top of the screen. If it goes away too fast, just tap the titlebar and it'll reappear.
* For the login method, choose "Enter user ID". The username is snitch and the password is the super user password you chose when you first set up ShutterSnitch.
* For the destination folder choose "Home folder".
* The wizard should now connect and save the profile.

Please note how ShutterSnitch works: Entering a collection starts the FTP server and that collection is now the "Home folder". If you exit the collection, the FTP server will shut down. So make sure you're inside the collection you want to transfer photos to when you connect with the camera.

Running on port 21 *could* get you intro trouble if you switch between other apps that also want to run a server on that port.
If you want to avoid that, edit the profile on the camera and change the FTP port to 26000. Then change the port back to 26000 in the ShutterSnitch settings.
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