EOS 6D/70D/5Dmk4/G5Xmk2 Camera access point mode ("Ad-hoc")

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EOS 6D/70D/5Dmk4/G5Xmk2 Camera access point mode ("Ad-hoc")

Postby TheBrew » Fri Jan 04, 2013 8:39 am

In the ad-hoc mode a connection is established directly between your camera and the iOS device. This effectively cuts off your access to the Internet and other computers. But at the same time you'll be free to go anywhere you want with your camera and iOS device and not be tied to the physical location of your local wireless network (infrastructure mode).

0. If you haven't already, go into ShutterSnitch and, from the collection overview, tap the Options button in the top left-hand corner and pick "Setup Guide". Tap "Canon EOS Wi-Fi" and tap "Done".

1. Press the Menu button on your camera and go to the 3rd wrench-tab and make sure that Wi-Fi is enabled.

2. Pick "Wi-Fi function". If this is the first time you set up your camera with Wi-Fi, you'll be asked to set a name for the camera. If you've already paired the camera with the EOS app, pick the "Exit" option to exit the current wireless LAN function.

3. Now select the "Connect to smartphone" icon. If you've already set up a connection, pick "Review/change settings" and then "Change set.".

4. Choose the "Camera access point mode".

5. Pick the "Easy connection".

6. You'll be asked to "Connect to the following access point with smartphone". On your iOS device go into the Settings app and join the network in the Wi-Fi section. Note that the access key (displayed on the camera screen) changes every time you go through a new connection setup; so if you have done this before, you'll have to tap the blue arrow button to the right of the network name and tap "Forget this network". If you don't, iOS will try to join the network with the key you've entered before and you'll get a "Unable to join the network" message.

7. Once you've joined the network the camera will say "Start the EOS app on the smartphone" and show you some information about the connection. Don't open the EOS Remote app. Instead, open ShutterSnitch and enter / create a collection.

8. The camera will now say "Connect to this smartphone: ShutterSnitch". Don't touch the "Viewable imgs - All images" please, just pick "OK".

9. You'll now see a summery of what's been done. Pick "OK"

You're now connected - take a photo and it should arrive. You'll also be able to import photos that are already stored on the memory card by tapping the wrench button in ShutterSnitch and picking "Import images". In the popup you'll now see a "Canon EOS .." option.

If the camera drops the connection, simply turn it off and on again, go into the Settings app and re-join the network (this time it'll remember the password key and just join it) and ShutterSnitch should automatically re-connect.
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