WFT-E4 II infrastructure (better range + Internet conn.)

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WFT-E4 II infrastructure (better range + Internet conn.)

Postby TheBrew » Mon Jan 30, 2012 3:19 pm

1.Go into the Settings app and find ShutterSnitch in the Apps section. Make sure that "Allow background transfers" is enabled (it's at the bottom). This way the FTP service will be active even when you exit ShutterSnitch. Update: This setting is removed and is on per default from version 2.10.2.
2. While you're in the settings, make sure that you're connected to your local wireless network.
3. Open ShutterSnitch and create/go into a collection.
4. Go into the WFT settings on your camera, pick the Connection wizard, and use the following settings:

Connection method: FTP trans. (Not 'FTP Server')
LAN type: Wireless
Wireless LAN setup method: Connect with wizard
Pick your wireless network in the top box.
Key format: Enter 8-63 ASCII characters -> Enter the password for the wireless network
Network: Auto setting
FTP server: Address setting -> In ShutterSnitch, tap the wrench-icon in the top toolbar and pick "Show listening info". Use the IP address you see at the top of the screen.
Port number setting: 26000
Overwrite same file: Enable (Especially important for 1Dx mk3)
Passive Mode: Disable
Proxy server: Disable
Login method: Login password
Login name: snitch *
Password: your super user password in ShutterSnitch
Target folder: Root folder
The next step should be a "Connected to FTP server" confirmation.
Save the settings and you're done.

* : Note that 'snitch' is the default username. If you change it in the ShutterSnitch settings, make sure it's also changed in the WFT settings.
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