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Eye-Fi Direct Mode setup guide

Postby TheBrew » Mon Apr 18, 2011 6:50 pm

Here's how to set up Direct Mode to work with ShutterSnitch:

0. If you haven't set up your Eye-Fi card with ShutterSnitch before: Make sure that your device is connected to the Internet. Open ShutterSnitch, go to the collection overview and tap the "Options" button in the top left-hand corner, pick "Setup Guide", and tap the type of Eye-Fi card you're using. If you're using a Mobi card, that's it, you're ready to receive photos when you enter a collection (if you've already got it working with the Eye-Fi app). For the other Eye-Fi cards, sign into your Eye-Fi account and make sure that the cards you want to receive from are turned on (the toggle on the right). Press Done!

1. Insert your card into your computer and open the Eye-Fi Center. (At least version 3.3)
2. Click the little gear to the right of your card to set it up.
3. On the "Direct mode" tab check "Enable Direct Mode".
4. Depending on your workflow, drag the sliders farther to the right..
5. Click the Save button.
6. Go into the Settings app on your iPad/iPhone/iPod touch and tap "Wi-Fi" to see the list of available wireless networks.
7. Back in the Eye-Fi Center, click "Start Direct Mode Network".
8. You should now see your Eye-Fi appear on the network list. Tap it! And put in the password that you see in the Eye-Fi Center.
9. The iPad/iPhone/iPod touch now remembers the device, and will automatically connect to it, if there's no other wireless networks around.


That's it ..if you're standing in the field with no connection to any of the wireless networks that your Eye-Fi card would normally connect to..
If the card is in range of a known wireless network, it'll prefer that, and not start the Direct Mode network.

So, if you want to dedicate the card for Direct Mode (or just test it out, while being around the wireless network it usually joins) you'll have to remove that network from the "Private Network" settings: Select the network and click "Remove". *)


10. Now you can unplug your card and insert it into your camera. If it's set up to only save RAW files, change that setting to both RAW+JPEG in order to turn down the delivery time drastically from camera to ShutterSnitch. If you need your RAWs to be transferred too, you can change this by turning off the "Accept JPEGs only" in the ShutterSnitch settings.
11. You're still looking at the available wireless networks on your iPad/iPhone/iPod touch, right? Good! ..but the Eye-Fi network is gone.. Don't worry - take a photo and after a little while it should appear. Tap it to join the network (if the devices doesn't do it automatically).
12. Open ShutterSnitch, enter/create a collection and the photo will fly in!

* = The clever thing about NOT removing your local wireless connection is that when you're around that connection, the iPad will connect to that, the card will do the same and transfer over that network - and not use up battery on the Direct Mode feature. But when you're in the field, obviously your iPad and Eye-Fi card can't connect to your wireless network and will look for other networks. When you snap a picture, the Direct Mode will kick in, the iPad will connect to that network and transfer. Beautiful!
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