How do you use Eye-Fi in combination with Shuttersnitch?

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How do you use Eye-Fi in combination with Shuttersnitch?

Postby Fotoshootoplocatienl » Tue Jul 12, 2011 7:39 am

Hi everybody,

I am curious how people use the Eye-Fi card in combination with the Shuttersnitch app.

Post some information here and if possible some photo's of the setup or the use in you're daily life.

I will kickoff:

I have got a photography company, which works on location. We are specialised in photoshoots on location.

Therefore I am using Shuttersnitch with the Ipad 1, and shooting in RAW + JPG (my Nikon D7000 supports 2 cardslots, cardslot 1 is for RAW, cardslot 2 (Eye-fi) is for JPG). Then the Eye-Fi sends them to my Ipad so customers can see their photo's immediately. To further enhance that, I have built a custom Ipad stand, using a Belkin 360 case and other materials.

10juli_Rohini_5773 by Jeroen Zelle | Fotoshoot op, on Flickr
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Re: How do you use Eye-Fi in combination with Shuttersnitch?

Postby Drichard » Fri Mar 09, 2012 9:40 pm

yea man you pretty much summed up 99% of every ones set up

i do the same thing, same camera, using 2 cards just no stand
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Re: How do you use Eye-Fi in combination with Shuttersnitch?

Postby ATJ » Tue Oct 16, 2012 5:50 am

I must be the 1% ;)

I have any Eye-Fi card in Slot 1 of my D7000 and I shoot raw only. The D7000 is inside an underwater housing and with ShutterSnitch I can transfer the images and movies from the camera to my iPhone without taking the camera out of the housing. In fact, for local shore dives, I usually transfer the images/movies to my iPhone at the dive site and can review the images (only) back at the dive shop. The images/movies are automatically transferred to my Mac as soon as I get home. I can already have them into Lightroom before I've finished rinsing the housing let alone pulling it apart.

On a recent live-aboard dive trip we were doing up to 4 dives a day. After each dive I'd transfer the images/moves to the iPhone on the back deck and show the images to my fellow divers and then I could take the iPhone to my cabin to transfer the files to the Mac. I only had to open the housing once per day to change the battery and/or lens.
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