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Re: Beta for Mac

Postby gurnx » Fri Jul 08, 2011 8:10 pm

Downloaded & installed. System: Macbook Pro 'early 2011', OS X 10.6.8. App says 'No reply. Bad username/password?' I can ftp files to the Macbook no problem. My username has a space in it (GAS Inc) so I've tried the name with quotes ("GAS Inc") with the same results.

I'd like to have this working; the Eye-Fi's ability to perform transfer operations was nice. Without a transfer mode I'm left with only location for the photos. Please let me know if you'd like to see screenshots or need further information.

UPDATE (10 July)- It's working now after removing the space from the username.

1) iPad: 'settings' panel, selected the Shuttersnitch listing and changed the username to an entry containing no spaces.
2) iPad: Start Shuttersnitch: logout 'superuser'
3) iPad: Re-login 'superuser'.
2) iPad: Power Shutdown.
3) Mac: Shutdown the 'Shuttersnitch backup utility'.
4) iPad: launch Shuttersnitch.
5) Mac: Launch the 'Shuttersnitch backup utility'. Go into 'Device Settings', enter the new username; click on OK and the backup transfer begins immediately.

I'm impressed; 10 megs (50 photos in 5 groups) backed up in less than 2 minutes; it happened so fast I didn't have a chance to time it.
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Re: Beta for Mac

Postby cocoliso » Mon Jul 25, 2011 4:41 pm


Won't open the installer on a Mac PPC running 10.5.8

"Operation could not be completed.
( error-1.)

couldn't open "ShutterSnitchBackup_b2.pkg".

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Re: Beta for Mac

Postby TheBrew » Mon Jul 25, 2011 6:13 pm

Yeah, you'll need at least Leopard (10.6) to install the Backup app.

I was guessing that most people had upgraded (but I understand your reason ..PPC :(

I have sooo much work to do on ShutterSnitch and every little thing is a question of priority. And <10.6 support is one of those things that doesn't climb very high on the list. ..sorry.
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Re: Beta for Mac

Postby cocoliso » Tue Jul 26, 2011 5:13 am

ok Mr Brew, thanks for a quick reply!.

Yep, I need to replace the PPC, in fact a 10 year old G4 thats used as a file server.

The ipad is, could be?, maybe already is? a great tool for photogs,..... but as i've only had the thing a couple of weeks now and its forcefully become a replacement for a MBP that died (video/motherboard... not worth the cost of repair) i have been struggling to understand the logic behind the many restrictions placed upon it by Apple. Your app is a great start, believe me. What has been driving me crazy is how in the hell to get stuff back off onto the mac??? itunes for me is non-starter, its just not happening! all this syncing then trashing and re syncing to delete files! its a joke. So, I like your app, and at least it respects the file names and I can FTP back to the mac with transmit. great. I have been using Filterstorm pro to edit and send with FTP and mail to various clients on the go during shoots, and after time with both apps, would love for snitch to be able to adjust exposure maybe? crop and resize to whatever... this having to be done in FSpro. I don't like the way backups turn out via itunes and FSpro, I have to send stuff to Getty and I have the problem with the filenames mismatch.... snitch would be better but I can't crop in snitch. Also, it does not support group email sending, another small but time consuming problem when emailing on the ipad. Right now have just discovered probably the best method to download pictures (from photos app)... someting that was beyong me with itunes) and videos FROM the ipad to the mac, all macs have the damn app installed from the factory, its called 'image capture' it detects the ipad and downloads all pics and vids from the ipad photo app!!!! this is way better than itunes. Why apple don't tell anyone about this is just insane, but anyway there it is, I can now download movies made with imovie on the ipad with no effort.

The last note; It seems apple want us to keep the ipad as an expensive gadget, and because of the music and movie industry they have placed so many restrictions on what could be a great tool, for me its lighter, has a great battery and is nearly there with regard to transmitting pics. I love snitch, and would love to be able to use just 1 app in my workflow, so hopefully (kneeling to pray...) apple will lift the restrictions.... otherwise its gonna get hacked again next week when I have some time.
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