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Odd behaviour

Postby Keith » Wed May 28, 2014 3:22 pm

After encountering crashes with SutterSnitch Backup 1.2.7 (and a very rapid fix for the problem). I'm now in the process of having SutterSnitch Backup make a new backup of everything on my iPad. I suspect that part of the problem I'm about to relate may be due to the excessive number of photos I have and to the way I use my iPad.

Observation. After the crash issue was fixed I left my iPad to conduct a huge backup to the (headless) Mac Mini which serves as part of my ingest workflow. Everything was going fine until (after about 80% of the backup completed) I started switching apps on the iPad. I noticed that SutterSnitch Backup would report when it reacquired ShutterSnitch on the iPad and claim that it was getting the list of differences. This never seemed to go very far before SutterSnitch Backup reported bad user name password and no response. So I quit the Shuttersnitch app on the iPad and relaunched it. The App generally starts off showing the latest gallery (photo collection) but then goes to a black screen showing the listening information and nothing seems to happen.

I've found a work around for this behaviour. Pause SutterSnitch Backup before relaunching ShutterSnitch, and when shuttersnitch has reloaded and is responsive, re-enable backups. Seems to work fine.

Addendum - the remainder of the backup is 1.67GB having already backed up over 17GB of images. Mostly JPEG, but a fair proportion are NEF
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Re: Odd behaviour

Postby TheBrew » Thu May 29, 2014 7:26 pm

I'll look into it.

Sadly, backgrounding in iOS 7 is very unforgiving - if you want to be sure that the app stays alive, don't exit it.
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