Clipboard content token for image renaming

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Clipboard content token for image renaming

Postby DaudelinPhoto » Tue Nov 07, 2023 6:19 am

I just got a new iPad after being iPadless for a year or two and first thing I did : subscribe to ShutterSnitch.

I am a headshot photographer and there's a new platform out there used by some of us that can create galleries for attendees automatically as soon as we upload a renamed file with the name of the attendee in it.

People use laptops to do it since Capture One can rename a file on import with a clipboard content token. Then they export to a watch folder. It makes it pretty easy to deliver quickly to the right person and removes a lot of the classification work we have to do after an event.

With a clipboard content token for renaming, you just copy the name from a website list or spreadsheet and then shoot. All the photos are correctly named for the attendee until the next one goes in front of the camera.

I would create an action that automatically rename and then upload to a Dropbox folder which would be watched the the upload service at home on my desktop Mac.

So my question is? Is a clipboard content token possible on iPadOS? Is it already possible?
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