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A Quick How To

Postby MadDawgJ » Thu May 31, 2012 7:02 pm

Here is a quick how to on using GeoSnitch

1) Open GeoSnitch on your iPhone and check that the time and date displayed match your camera's time and date settings.

2) Press the red circle button (record). It will change to a red square (stop) and you will see the red flashing record in the lower left hand corner.


3) Take pictures. For this example I am using an Eye-Fi Card in a Canon point and shoot camera. When you are done press the stop (red square) button.

4) Select the list button, three lines on the bottom right bellow the record/stop button. Choose the recording by pressing the circle next to the time and date. Now you can email it to your iPad or use DropBox or whatever method you prefer.


5) Open ShutterSnitch on your iPad and import the images like you normally would. Once the images are imported go to the GeoSnitch log (open the email, find it in DropBox, etc.) and click on it and select open in ShutterSnitch.

6) All of the images with a matching time and date stamp will automatically be selected. Press the 'Tag Selected' button.


7) The images will now start being geotagged. Let the app do it's work and when it is done you will see the geotagged map location in the bottom right side of the screen.


8) Amaze your friends/clients/significant others/pets/strangers with your skills and photos.
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Re: A Quick How To

Postby TheBrew » Fri Jun 01, 2012 5:38 pm

Thanks for the walkthrough MadDawgJ!

One little addition: If you find yourself in a situation where you forgot to sync up the clock on your camera with your iOS device, you can tap the "Time shift" button in the tagging-dialog in ShutterSnitch (step 6) and put in the difference in minutes.


When the "Time shift in minutes" dialog is open, take a photo with your camera and have it be transferred to ShutterSnitch - the dialog will then automatically fill out the amount of minutes from the difference between the timestamp of that incoming photo and the current time on the iOS device.
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