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Infrastructure (Internet) mode setup

PostPosted: Sat Jan 26, 2013 2:58 pm
by TheBrew
If you want to have Internet access while still being able to receive files from your card, you'll have to add an "Internet Hotspot" (such as your home network or the iOS Personal Hotspot) to your card settings.

Here's how to set that up:

Join the Transcend network and go to in your browser. (Default login is admin / admin)

The SSID for the Internet Hotspot is the name of the Wi-Fi network - and it's case sensitive!
Note: If you have more than one Transcend card, change the Wi-Fi Settings -> SSID name to something unique for each card. That way you'll be able to distinguish between them if they're connected to ShutterSnitch at the same time.

From then on, once the card is powered on, it'll look for any of the configured hotspots and join it. If none are found, or it can't join them, it'll fall back on the regular "Direct-Share" mode where you need to connect to the Transcend network.

Now join the same Internet Hotspot on your iOS device (or do nothing if that network is the iOS Personal Hotspot - in this case you're already connected).

Start ShutterSnitch and if this is your first time setting things up, go to the collection overview and tap the Options button in the top left-hand corner and pick "Setup Guide". Then tap "Transcend Wi-Fi card" and "Done".

Enter a collection, and if the card has joined the network, it'll connect and be ready to receive photos.

If the card hasn't joined the network yet, ShutterSnitch will be looking for it every 10 seconds and automatically connect when it shows up.