Toshiba Flashair w-04 Selective transfer?

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Toshiba Flashair w-04 Selective transfer?

Postby AdamFalgout » Wed Mar 17, 2021 5:39 pm

Hello there! I'll try to be a precise in my question as possible.

I've been using an Eyefi Mobi Pro for years now with great success, I recently setup a 2nd ipad-to-camera setup and am experimenting with the Flashair since Eyefi cards have no support.

I have my Flashair setup in Station mode, going through my local network to shutter snitch. This setup works flawlessly and it's super fast sending jpg's
BUT every click of the shutter sends the images to shutter snitch, I don't want every picture to go to shutter snitch.
With my Eyefi Mobi Pro, I could hit "protect" on my Canon 5D mk III and it would only send the pictures I wanted to send.

Is there a way, perhaps in the config file of the Toshiba card, to send only the pictures I rate or protect so I'm not sending every single image that I take?

Thank you in advance. I've spent countless hours trying to find the answer to this before posting this!
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