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Bad expierence with FlashAir W-04

PostPosted: Thu Aug 17, 2017 11:25 am
by msatter
As an long time user pf ShutterSnitch buying an iPad (original) special to use this App. I have use severl Eye-Fi cards and up till now an Transcend 32GB. I though to do good to buying the latest FlashAir card but I changed it back for my old Transcend card.

It was horrible to use because I had every time to press import images because it lost connection despite I was only two or three meters away from my iPad with clear sight in between. The Transcend is slower to connect but the connection suffers less disconnects. The card is in my5D MKIII with an grip and I put only one battery in on the far end so that the WiFi signal is better transmitted and not blocked by the battery that way.

The FlashAir connects faster but also disconnects faster than the Transcend.

Is there any option to improve the support for the AirFlash that it imports the the pictures on it self if the disconnect is not longer than on ore two minutes? (edit this seems to be already the case and please confirm)

On disconnects I have sometime have to leave picture screen and go back to collections to have the card to recognize to have new pictures. This imports start

I have ShutterSnitch version 2.11.7

Re: Bad expierence with FlashAir WT-04

PostPosted: Thu Aug 17, 2017 1:13 pm
by TheBrew
Sounds like you're better off just not using the FlashAir then.. :)

Wow, that's a 4 year old version. I can't look that far back in my code revisions, but the wi-fi cards should start automatically downloading new files since the last successful download - unless more than 30 new files are discovered. In older versions the limit was 10 (so that's probably the case with 2.11.7).

The limit can be set to a higher number, 50 for example, by typing this into Safari:

Code: Select all

At least I hope you can in that old version.

Re: Bad expierence with FlashAir WT-04

PostPosted: Thu Aug 17, 2017 2:50 pm
by msatter
Thanks for the swift support and setting the limit worked as an charm and it was confirmed by ShutterSnitch.

I have tested a bit more by activating the Inspector screen and the Transcend is very talkative in that screen. The FlashAir connects and then all goes quiet not messages when the pictures are coming in in the traffic inspector.

When I am in that receive and display screen I see that the FlashAir gets gets an connection but there totally no communication between the card and ShutterSnitch. I have first to back to Collections and then on entering the receive/display screen I see a notice that the connection is made and the pictures are coming in. So after a disconnect I have to go to the iPad and switch screens before I start to receive least I don't have to wait any more for the question that I have to confirm the import of the pictures not seen before.

I am still on an original iPad because is is reasonable fast and still doing five or more hours during shoots on one charge. Apple did not produce an much better one and even degraded the iPad in the 2017 version. I wanted to buy an iPad mini 4 a while ago but it only increased in price instead of dropping.

Re: Bad expierence with FlashAir WT-04

PostPosted: Fri Aug 18, 2017 9:08 am
by msatter
I really love the eye-fi functionality supported in some cameras. I can now switch the WiFi off and on in the camera menu.

I had yesterday look around on the developer site for the FlashAir and all is a bit dated but lots of information but I sadly nothing found yet that could my problem with Shuttersnitch and the FlashAir card.

Re: Bad expierence with FlashAir WT-04

PostPosted: Tue Aug 22, 2017 2:02 am
by msatter
Burning some midnight-oil over here and I found an interesting feature.

I am running SBSettings on my iPad which starts ShutterSnitch when a WiFi connection is made. An I have also set writing of the RAW+JPG on the AirFlash at the same time. ShutterSnitch is active on the FlashAir and the PTP/IP to the same IP.

ShutterSnitch is started and I receive images. When ready I switch on the camera the Eye-Fi transfer off, ShutterSnitch crashes or just switch itself off. On enabling the Eye-Fi transfer on the camera SBSettings starts ShutterSnitch and the images are being received.

Sadly this is not usable for me because I write the RAW files to the CF and JPG to the SD and then ShutterSnitch does not crash/switches itself off. A real fluke that this combination of settings and possibilities produce this way of working.

If I switch off the camera and the the connection times out it does not occur.