Help with Toshiba flash air

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Help with Toshiba flash air

Postby Thesalt » Wed Sep 19, 2018 3:35 am

I have the latest Toshiba Flash Air 64gb card, the most recent ShutterSnitch, and the FUJI GFX 50s with a new IPad Pro. I cannot make this wireless tether work consistently. I can only ever shoot a few frames before the transmission to the Ipad hangs up. When I restart everything I can get it to work again, but only for a few frames before it stops loading to the iPad. This happens in the field when there are no other wifi networks and in my studio when there are various other networks around. I have reinstalled ShutterSnitch but the problem continues. Please help, I really want to use this wireless tether.
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Re: Help with Toshiba flash air

Postby TheBrew » Wed Sep 19, 2018 9:35 am

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news - but I think it's the card. The wi-fi on my W04 card is great and speedy in a card reader, but when I stick it in a camera, it's almost unusable. And I know I'm not the only one with this problem. This isn't as much of a problem with the previous W03 generation (not as fast), but since the signal strength is very much affected by the camera body, it's hard to say if getting your hands on one of those would help you. (I really wish Toshiba would make a little antenna-extension-flat-cable one could attach in these cases.)

You could test this by trying the card in an external card reader and see if you get a solid connection.

That said, I may just be jumping to conclusions since I have such bad experience with the W04. I suppose a malformed directory structure on the card could cause confusion for ShutterSnitch, so one thing you could try is to format the card and see if that makes a difference.
You can also turn on Traffic Inspector at the bottom of the ShutterSnitch settings to see if the log reveals what causes the drops. My guess, for the bad signal issue, would be time-outs / loss of network connection.

If it's ShutterSnitch related I am, of course, very interested in fixing whatever could be the cause, so feel free to copy the Traffic Inspector log output after a "hang up" and paste it in a post here.
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Re: Help with Toshiba flash air

Postby Walterm » Wed Jul 20, 2022 10:17 pm

FORMAT. I have a FlasAir W-04 which was inconsistent in terms of images transfers, to the point where recently it would not transfer any. The Traffic Inspector showed it trying to acquire the file list and almost immediately timing out
FIXED. TheBrew suggested to Format the card. It now works seamlessly!!!
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