Toshiba W-04 works on an Olympus PenF!

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Toshiba W-04 works on an Olympus PenF!

Postby Lens_Hood » Thu Sep 20, 2018 12:38 am

I was looking for a replacement card for my vintage EyeFi and mobiPro and also something with more storage. Just received a 64gb FlashAir which I found new on Ebay. I'm shooting with a single slot OlympusPen F. The camera has an EyeFi setting but I noticed it does not light up with the Toshiba. However start up was easy. I got the app loaded it into on iPad, clicked off a few frames, found the card in the WiFi list, then followed the steps on the app for the factory password, them changed it, selected the hot spot it in the wifi settings and it was working right away. I've got SS set not to receive RAWS and shot medium jpg+RAW. It was quick as the EyeFi cards and seems good so far. Good to have another option, I don't know if Toshiba is making these anymore, I'm getting another just in case.
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