Unable to connect to iPad/iPhone using Panansonic DMC-G7

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Unable to connect to iPad/iPhone using Panansonic DMC-G7

Postby squawk » Mon Jun 19, 2017 3:38 pm


I've just bought ShutterSnitch today but can't get it talking to my camera at all. Maybe I'm doing something wrong that you can point out.
I've set the Wifi on the camera to "Send Images While Recording" then "Smartphone"
Then I've tried both "Via Network" using my home wifi and "Direct" including the DNS workaround.
In all cases the camera connects to wifi successfully and then shows the "If you have not launched the smartphone application, please launch it....Image App".

Starting Shuttersnitch (on both iphone and ipad) appears to do nothing here. The camera sits at that prompt indefinitely.
Note, starting the image app works fine.

The traffic monitor looks like this.

Code: Select all
Device: iPad2,7, 32-bit, iOS 8.4 (iPad)
Free memory: 19,189,760
Free disk space: 2,018,041,856
Time: 19 Jun 2017 15:22:57

15:22:57.025 Listening…
15:22:57.038 ShutterSnitch version: 3.7.6 (12339)
IP: on network 'MyNetwork'
FTP port: 26000
WebDAV port: 8080
Eye-Fi: Disabled (0 cards)
PTP/IP: Disabled
Transcend Wi-Fi card transfers: Disabled
Toshiba FlashAir transfers: Disabled
ezShare transfers: Disabled
PQI Air / Air Direct transfers: Disabled
GoPro transfers: Disabled
Panasonic LUMIX LINK transfers: Enabled
Sony DLNA transfers: Disabled
Canon UPnP transfers: Disabled
Fujifilm transfers: Disabled
15:22:57.065 Started WebDAV server on port 8080
15:22:57.450 Panasonic DLNA: X-PANASONIC-Registration
15:22:57.531 Panasonic DLNA: X-PANASONIC-Registration
15:23:00.485 Panasonic DLNA: Marco!
15:23:00.530 Panasonic DLNA: X-PANASONIC-Registration
15:23:00.578 Panasonic DLNA: X-PANASONIC-Registration
15:23:00.653 Panasonic DLNA: X-PANASONIC-Registration
15:23:01.004 Panasonic DLNA: X-PANASONIC-Registration
15:23:04.001 Panasonic DLNA: Marco!
15:23:04.587 Panasonic DLNA: X-PANASONIC-Registration
15:23:04.743 Panasonic DLNA: X-PANASONIC-Registration
15:23:07.519 Panasonic DLNA: Marco!
15:23:08.045 Panasonic DLNA: X-PANASONIC-Registration
15:23:08.172 Panasonic DLNA: X-PANASONIC-Registration
15:23:11.059 Panasonic DLNA: Marco!

(this continues until the camera gives up and disconnects).

Any help gratefully appreciated and hopefully I haven't blown £20 on this for nothing.

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Re: Unable to connect to iPad/iPhone using Panansonic DMC-G7

Postby TheBrew » Mon Jun 19, 2017 4:02 pm

It sounds like the G7 communicates differently from the older Panasonic cameras I've tested with.

Unfortunately I can't keep buying new cameras each time they change something, so for now I can only say "I guess it doesn't work with the G7". Sorry. If anyone reading along has gotten it to work, please let us know. And if anyone from Panasonic feels like sending me one to test with, let me know. ;)

I'm guessing ShutterSnitch will work with cameras that work with the LUMIX LINK app, but not the "Image App" app.

In the receipt-email you get from Apple, there's a "report an issue" link - if you follow that, you can ask Apple for your money back.
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Re: Unable to connect to iPad/iPhone using Panansonic DMC-G7

Postby squawk » Mon Jun 19, 2017 4:20 pm


Thanks for the quick reply. Note the G7 isn't new; it's been around for about 2 years - it's akin to the GH4.
It's just been replaced by the new G85.
So I would have thought it would work (it's just another camera in the Lumix range, really).

I guess the other thing to say is that lumix link and lumix remote are obsolete now. They are both replaced by Image App.

It's a pity if Shutter snitch doesn't work - it seems like the ideal solution for me.

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Re: Unable to connect to iPad/iPhone using Panansonic DMC-G7

Postby Dark Horse Dynamo » Tue Dec 12, 2017 5:33 pm

I just wanted to add to this specifically in relation to the GX8 which is what I have. I too cannot get Shuttersnitch to connect no matter how many combinations of settings I try. Here is the specific error I get in the traffic monitor:

Panasonic DLNA: Unsupported SOAP request: "urn:schemas-upnp-org:service:ContentDirectory:1#GetSearchCapabilities"
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