Sony A7m3 FYI

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Sony A7m3 FYI

Postby jayce103 » Sun Apr 01, 2018 5:31 pm

Hi all,

Still on the hunt for a camera that I can use for/with my workflow and today I managed to get hold of a Sony A7m3 for a few hours. Lovely camera but works differently to the Canon wifi I tried yesterday (see my thread under Canon).

I mainly want a system that replicates the eye-fi card function (auto sending in a infrastructure network) below are my findings for anyone that is interested.

Using “send to smartphone” function.

Found this to be disappointing as I had to connect to the network each and every time, which meant leaving SS to go to network, then wait for the camera to produce the hotspot. Once found it connected without having to re-enter the passcode.

The process of choosing the images via the import option in Snitch was just like adding images from the camera roll, just annoying that I cannot have them auto import like the eye-fi (or Canon wifi for that matter).

Also lacking was the feature to connect to a network using this system. The canon 7d had it and work well.

Using “FTP” function.

Really wanted this to work well as it would mean I could connect more than one camera. I did manage to connect it in the end (but I had to turn off the secure connection on the Sony camera for it to work). Once again the lack of auto send (push) left me a little frustrated. I cant use this camera for studio photography as planned.

That said the camera is awesome and if you are a sports photographer selecting your images before sending would be a good option to save on sending over the bad ones lol.

Conclusion is that I will still be buying the camera for my weddings and sports photography but the studio and event stuff I will be getting a Canon 7d (or similar).

If you have managed to find a way to push images through, please drop me a message.


PS: I will be trying a Sony A9 soon to see if that is different being a camera aimed at sports photographers. I will also be trying the Fuji wifi...
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