ez Share Wi-Fi SD “share” Switch

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ez Share Wi-Fi SD “share” Switch

Postby xuyaqing2003 » Wed Oct 15, 2014 4:18 am

It is well known that ez Share Wi-Fi SD card has a “share” switch in its body, which is different from other brand Wi-Fi SD card in the market. This design is a patented item about ez Share Wi-Fi SD card. When turn on the “share” switch, you can wirelessly transmit the images/videos to Wi-Fi devices(up to 5) such as mobiles, Pads, Laptops, etc. It can be used as a normal SD card when you turn off the “share” switch. This unique design is not only convenient for use but also optimizes the battery efficiency highly.
Any questions about ez Share products you can send email to sales@lzeal.com.
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