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PostPosted: Mon Jan 12, 2015 11:11 pm
by TheBrew
If you haven't done this already, make sure ShutterSnitch can receive from your camera by going through the setup guide via the collection overview -> Options -> Setup Guide. You'll only need to do this once.

The connection is pretty simple: Start the Wi-Fi mode on your camera, join the network and enter / create a collection to have ShutterSnitch look for and pair up with the camera.

Note: If you have a X-T2 camera, skip to this post.

That said, there are a few oddities and nice-to-knows about Fujifilm cameras with built-in Wi-Fi.

The cameras have 3 different modes:

This mode lets you pick photos on the camera and transmit them to the receiver app.
* Fastest way to pick and transfer specific photos.
* Only works by joining the camera-network from the device (doesn't work over your home wi-fi network, so no simultaneous Internet connection).
* No way to transfer RAF files. Only JPEGs.

Browse & download
Shares the contents of the camera and lets you pick and download the photos from within an app.
* Browsable and selectable from the iOS device instead of the camera.
* Only works by joining the camera-network from the device (doesn't work over your home wi-fi network, so no simultaneous Internet connection).
* Doesn't include RAF (raw) files.
* The Fujifilm PTP protocol doesn't assign files a unique ID. In short: Please don't have more than 50-100 photos on your card unless you like watching slow progress bars. (ShutterSnitch can't keep a cache and therefore needs to download the file information each and every time.)

PC Auto Save
The intention of this mode is to have an application running on your computer and have it back up new files from your camera.
ShutterSnitch also handles this mode, but instead of maintaining a backup it simply gives you a better alternative to 'Browse & download' - since this mode also shares RAF files.
* Transfer via your home wi-fi, so no need to join a camera-network and you don't lose access to the Internet.
* Includes RAF files.
* Easiest pairing: On the camera, register ShutterSnitch as a target "PC". From then on you just start the PC Auto Save mode, select ShutterSnitch, and accept the pairing when they find each other.
* The Fujifilm PTP protocol doesn't assign files a unique ID. Read: Downloading the files list, which normally takes a few seconds, takes multiple minutes.

Sadly, there is no mode to push photos as you take them.

If anyone (with influence) from Fujifilm is reading this: The absence of unique object handles in your protocol is your number one Wi-Fi issue. It'll bite you again and again. It needs to be fixed. If you want to talk, please sign up and post a message in the forum.

Re: Setup

PostPosted: Tue Jan 13, 2015 10:55 pm
by TheBrew
To register ShutterSnitch as a "PC" receiver for the PC Auto Save function do the following:

1. Go to "PC AUTO SAVE SETTING" menu
2. Select "Manual Setup"
3. ShutterSnitch should be running
4. Choose WiFi Network from "Select from network list"
5. Choose "Register this destination" and make note of the name "ShutterSnitch-xxx"

At this point you can choose "PC Auto Save" from the camera playback menu and you should see the destination name "ShutterSnitch-xxx". ShutterSnitch should have a collection open at this point or the camera will not be able to transmit photos.

Re: Setup

PostPosted: Tue Jan 13, 2015 11:58 pm
by TheBrew
Nice to know if you're not using PC Auto Save: If the pairing doesn't succeed in the first try, exiting the collection and re-entering it will effectively force a reconnect.

Re: Setup

PostPosted: Mon Jun 19, 2017 7:06 pm
by TheBrew
Version 3.7.7 adds support for the "Tethering"/"PC Shoot" mode on Fujifilm X-T2, introduced in firmware version 2.10.

Note: Just discovered that the "Fn" button on the X-T2 works the same as the "Wi-Fi / Fn" button on previous cameras. Pushing this while browsing photos will let you initiate the Push / Browse & Download feature described above.

One-time setup:

1. In ShutterSnitch, tap the Options button in the collection overview, pick Setup Guide, scroll down and pick the Fujifilm Wi-Fi option. Tap Done.
2. Press Menu/OK on the camera and go to the Wrench icon -> Connection Setting -> Wireless Settings -> Access Point Settings and join your wi-fi network.
3. From the Wrench icon -> Connection Setting -> PC Shoot Mode, select "Wireless Fixed".

From now on, when you turn on the camera, it'll start looking for a receiver.

Make sure your iOS device is on the same wi-fi network and enter / create a collection in ShutterSnitch and wait for the camera to connect.

Things to note about tethered mode:

* Photos are deleted from the card once they're transferred.
* Both JPG and RAF transfers are supported.
* It seems the antenna in my X-T2 isn't super powerful. The closer to your wi-fi router and the less your hands cover the camera body, the faster the transfers..
* Every new connection resets the the file naming counter on the camera. So if you want to keep your filenames neat, maybe set up an Action that renames incoming files to something more sequential.