Canon 70d wifi connection *FYI*

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Canon 70d wifi connection *FYI*

Postby jayce103 » Fri Mar 30, 2018 2:57 pm

Hi all,

Managed to have a play with a Canon 70d today and thought I would share what I found out.

My aim was to use it with 2 iPads, an iPhone (as a hub) and a mypassport Wireless HD (for back up). This is an extreme but I use this set up a lot for events where the iPads are viewing stations and the iPhone is just used to distribute images to others. This keeps the viewing stations from lagging.

After a lot of Youtube videos and research it was looking un-likely that I would be able to do this but!!! Using an infrastructure network is possible and once the camera is connected the transfer pairing is simple (in fact nothing else to do as Shuttersnitch just works with it). I use the app on the iphone to pair with the camera and then use the actions to send it to the other devices.

***SORRY BRIAN****. The only thing missing that would make me smile more is the auto adjustments :D

One thing to keep in mind is that the Canon wifi system can only connect to one instance of Shuttersnitch so when you navigate out of the collection the connect will “transfer” to another open Shuttersnitch. If this happens you have to shut all apps and re open one buy one making sure that the “hub” as I call it is the first open so that the pairing can take place.

Brian do you know of a way to keep this active to one opened app if more than one is running somehow?

One thing I was hoping to see is FTP transfer but I looked in all menus and sub menus and this is not in there, so it may seem it is saved for the big guy (and expensive) WFT transmitters...

This limits you to just one camera per set-up (again unless anyone has managed to use 2 or more into one instance of SS).

Sorry for the long winded post but it would have helped me, but I managed to have a friend with a camera to try out first.


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