Exif time used as creation time

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Exif time used as creation time

Postby sonander » Mon Aug 12, 2019 7:48 pm


I do not know what date/time field in the EXIF data you are using but it looks like there might be a better one to use.

My workflow when shooting sports on the field is as follows:
* Take the shot
* When time allows edit the image in camera and mark the edited version as protected
* ShutterSnitch grabs the protected version, adds title/caption/etc, renames it using capture date and time and sends it to the publisher

The issue as it is now is the time used. It looks like the time is the time when the edit was done and saved not the original capture time. Since this can minutes later than the capture and the order in which images gets edited in the camera may not be in chronological order it gets a bit confusing.

I did look at the EXIF data of a file which took the above path and there seems to be 3 different date/time fields one of them being the original time, see attached picture. The marked time is the actual capture time while the other 2 are the time when the edit was done.
04FB1499-BA1D-4415-B870-2FE73F9040A7.jpeg (72.8 KiB) Viewed 298 times

Would it be possible to have SS use the original time rather than any of the other as capture time?


P.S. Hope you do not get annoyed at me with all the different requests :)
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