A keywords selection list for Lightroom imports

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A keywords selection list for Lightroom imports

Postby DaveCornish » Fri Aug 06, 2021 5:57 pm

Adding a keyword capture to the ‘Snitch Sync’ plug-in would be nice, and save a whole load of manual labour.

My workflow involves wireless tethering from camera into shuttersnitch at live sports events with the majority of info being added to all images on import via ‘action’ (caption, headline & keywords) I then add players names, using the ‘code replace’ function, adding them to the generic caption and also adding them to the generic list of keywords before sending images. This works very well for me.

Back at home I import all images into my Lightroom archive and import captions headlines and star ratings using the ‘snitch sync’ plug-in. Sadly this plug-in doesn’t import keywords! I’ve tried contacting the developer but have had no replies.

Adding keywords to this plug-in seems to make very good sense and it would save a major amount of manual labour.
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