Running Tasks

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Running Tasks

Postby jameschristie » Fri May 13, 2022 11:59 am

This post is probably equally a bug report and a feature request so apologies if this should've been posted in the other

I have an action task that when importing photos it adds metadata, changes filename, saves from raw to jpeg and then uploads to the football clubs server. When this happens the gear button starts spinning and I can select it for the options of "actions tasks" and "running tasks". This is the bug, in gallery view I can select both but in image view when I selecting "running tasks" nothing happens.

Similarly if I was to select 5 photos and use a seperate action task to upload it would be great to get the same spinning gear. Currently you can swipe to dismiss the action task queue and it will continue to carry out the tasks but there is noway to see what stage it is at, or if you can add more images to the queue. Would be great if it could work in the same way as when running a task on import
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