Tokens in rename file action

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Tokens in rename file action

Postby macunix » Sun Jan 08, 2023 3:29 pm

It would be a timesaver if it is possible to use the tokens like %%userComment%% in the filename action.
Currently I have to select a group of photos, edit the action to change the basename part of the action, update it, apply action to selection.
Being able to fill in the userComment in the IPTC field of each photo, then select all photos, apply the action would be an easier workflow.
I have an action that renames the file name to basename-YYYYMMDD-XXX where XXX is the seqential unique number.

I know, that this makes the file renaming code more complex, as it has to keep track of how many files are already renamed with the %%userComment%% in each particular photo.

Or a simple action ‘rename’ that has an input field where a ‘ basename’ and some parameters like shooting date, sequential number, separator can be filled in and that remembers the last input. Like PhotoMechanic file->rename option.

Since Camerabits is still not very receptive on requests for an iPad version of PhotoMechanic, Shuttersnitch is the best iPad option for culling, editing IPTC and renaming photos.
This is the first part of my workflow, which is more and more iPad based.

Being able to use a ‘controlled vocabulary’ in a IPTC template would be great, but then it would become more than a WiFi transfer tool and require more time to maintain the application.

I use iSH, a ‘ Linux x86 emulator’ in which I installed Lee Harvey’s ExifTools to apply the xmp IPTC files ShutterSnitch generates into the raw files.
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