Import from RAVPower FileHub?

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Import from RAVPower FileHub?

Postby Ranger 9 » Wed Jan 01, 2014 8:07 pm

Hello and Happy New Year --

Are you aware of this device? It's a portable WiFi hub that can share files from a built-in SD card slot. It has gotten good online reviews, isn't terribly expensive (about US$ 45 on Amazon) and I think it may turn out to be fairly popular.

I bought it so I could use the hub to get longer range when sending from Eye-Fi cards to ShutterSnitch on my iPad, and it works well for that.

But I couldn't help thinking that it would be really handy to be able to put an SD card into the device's slot and import the files directly into a ShutterSnitch collection.

RAVPower does have an IOS app available, called AirStor. But it's really lame and has nothing like the collection-management capabilities of ShutterSnitch. The FileHub also can be accessed via a web browser (it has a simple embedded web server) and can be mounted as an SMB share (although it doesn't support FTP as far as I was able to find out.) With all these connectivity options, I'm hoping there might be a way to get it to work with ShutterSnitch.

If not, maybe support could be added...? The AirStor app is in the App Store, and if it's necessary to buy a FileHub for investigation I'd be willing to contribute. I'd also be happy to help out with testing etc. if needed.

Thanks for considering this!
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