Shuttersnitch = Photobooth-App? Missing features

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Shuttersnitch = Photobooth-App? Missing features

Postby Claw187 » Tue Sep 03, 2019 10:08 pm

Hi everybody,

After finally having managed to get my FlashAir-Card connected to my router and getting access via ShutterSnitch, I‘ve just started to plan how I want the app to function for my Photobooth.
Because I‘ve read a lot about ShutterSnitch in context to self-built photobooths, I‘ve expected it to have lot‘s of features you need for a photobox. So, I think the easiest thing is to list all the features, I‘m currently missing or haven‘t found yet:
1. Welcome-Screen with instructions as a „Screensaver“
2. Skins for the app: I don‘t want people to handle the cold interface of Shuttersnitch on a wedding or something.
3. Add „print“ to actions, to print the photo directly after capturing.
4. Ask user after capturing photo if he wants to print, or wants to choose photos to print as collage (up to 4 e.g.).
5. If auto-print is not possible, at least make it possible to add a BIG „print“-Button to the interface, which is seen by everybody (not the small one in the bar).
6. Live view: OK, there was a mistake in my planing procedure. Live view is not possible using FlashAir-Card, that‘s a fact, but is there no way to implement the iPad‘s camera for Live view (yes ok, it‘s not completely the same view as seen by the DSLR, but better than nothing) and as soon as a new picture from DSLR/FlashAir starts syncing Live view from iPad‘s cam stops? I guess that‘d be a nice compromiss.
7. OK, masks are possible, but is there a way to choose 1-4 Pics forming a nice collage?

All in all I‘m currently kind of disappointed because for me ShutterSnitch does not seem to be the App to go if I want to create a nice interface for my guests without me being available for instructions. Especially the missing BIG „PRINT“-Button or Auto-Print function (which might be blocked by iOS, I don‘t know) are a big problem for me.

Hopefully some of the points above are available and have just not been found by me yet. Otherwise it seems as though my Photobooth-Plans need to be changed to another app.

Thanks and best regards
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Re: Shuttersnitch = Photobooth-App? Missing features

Postby deanmilenkovic » Wed Jan 22, 2020 8:53 pm

I second this. Ability for one icon import photo from camera and ability to share photo via ipad text.
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