Image numbering for wire service

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Image numbering for wire service

Postby nrbramley » Fri Nov 01, 2019 9:54 am

In Photomechanic I can pretty much replicate all the features I need for filing my images apart from 1. When I upload photos to the wire I have to apply certain data that I can load from my IPTC file. However the images that I submit have to me numerically sequenced and wither prefixed 01, 001 etc depending on how many photographers at an event there are. The problem is that
This number range needs to continue now matter how many uploads at an event that I do. For example my first upload may be 5 images (numbered 01 - 05) my second set of 5 some time later would need to be 06 - 10. I can’t see any way of doing this. Can the feature be added?
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