A New warning for Time & Date

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A New warning for Time & Date

Postby athuillier » Mon Nov 25, 2019 4:21 pm

Hi TheBrew,

In your Warnings menu, could you possibly add a new rule ? A "Date & Time" rule that would work at reception of the pictures in a collection

Something like:

-> If "Camera Date" is not "Phone date"
-> If "Time Gap" (between the Phone & the Camera) is more than [ 1", 5", 10", 30", 5', 10', 60', 120', 240', 24h ]

And also, it is as important as the above but may be more difficult to acheive because this info is not standard in the EXIF, (we could help you find the data in the picture)
if you could:

-> If "camera's Time Zone" is not "Phone's Time zone"


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