Issue with a Default Preset

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Issue with a Default Preset

Postby athuillier » Fri Jan 10, 2020 6:12 pm

Hi TheBrew,
We have an issue, or may be a logic problem... :-)

We usually work with a "default caption", a metadata preset to which several actions are linked.
I can modify this preset according to the events I cover, I can do it field by field, but I'd like to paste all the metadatas from another photo in one go.

Of course, you already offer one solution. The " + Add from Pasteboard Metadata", but this function will create a new preset. Even if it is named the same as my default preset, it won't replace it and the links with the Actions won't be made. If I delete my default preset and save the new one with the same name, it is the same result, I lose all the links with the Actions.

Since I can't find a solution, and unless you have one, I wonder if it might be possible to add one or two (very) small options:

-> If a preset is named the same as another preset, suggest to overwrite it and thus keep the link with the actions.

-> When I'm in Presets/Edit and I press long time on a preset, add a menu "Paste Metadatas from Pasteboard" as on this picture
Paste meta.jpg
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