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Caption with variables

PostPosted: Tue Dec 01, 2020 4:39 pm
by athuillier
Hi TheBrew,

In our never-ending quest to eliminate clicks and taps, because I think it would be very useful, especially with an iPhone, and because it's in line with what has already been done in ShutterSnitch,
an interesting feature would be to be able to prepare a "gap fill caption ", a text with variables , with nothing to type with the keyboard when you have to be quick.
Something like in the picture.
#names# is where names (code replacement) are input
#strings# is where strings are input
When I tap the jersey or the flash button, the selected lists are displayed and I choose/tap the names and the string I need.
No more problem with cursor placement, spaces, commas, or writing code etc... of course the words between "#" are not visible in the real IPTC field if I don't add any names or strings.

Description for this example picture:

I display an Image
I tap "i"
I tap on the Jersey button, a list is displayed (the one/ones I have ticked in code replacement), I choose a name, I choose a name, I choose a name
(the names are then inserted at the place where is written #names#)
I tap on the flash button the string list is displayed, I choose a string.
(the strings are then inserted at the place where is written #string#)
And that's it

Thanks for reading