Shutter Speed Warning is reversed? (Less than/More than)

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Shutter Speed Warning is reversed? (Less than/More than)

Postby mjeppsen » Thu May 27, 2010 6:20 am

This isn't really a bug but I don't know where else to file it. When I add a Warning rule for shutter speed, say "Shutter Speed is Less Than 1/60" I find that I am only warned when the shutter speed is higher than 1/60, that is 1/80, 1/125 etc. If I set a rule for "Shutter Speed is More Than 1/60" I am warned when the shutter speed is lower than 1/60 (1/30, 1/15, etc).

I feel that this terminology is needlessly confusing. While it may be technically accurate to say that a slower shutter like 1/30 is "more than" 1/60 (since the shutter stays open longer), nearly every photographerI know refers to higher shutter speed numbers as "more." As in, 1/125 is "more than" 1/60. Am I the only on confused by this terminology in Shutter Snitch?
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Re: Shutter Speed Warning is reversed? (Less than/More than)

Postby TheBrew » Thu May 27, 2010 10:36 am

Yeah... I was there too. Then I fixed it, and that looked confusing to me, so I went back.

The funny part about photography - the inverted logic when saying it out loud :)

I think I'll add an option in the settings to flip those values, so people can adjust it to how they want to read it. I'll flip it per default so it sounds more logical.

Update: Scratch that. Don't like all those confusing options - I'll flip it and that's it.

Thanks for the kick in the butt ;)
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