Iptc problem

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Iptc problem

Postby Hsberlin » Tue Aug 13, 2019 4:21 pm

I have a problem with an iptc field: i wrote following Text in the author field: Schacht, Henning
but the Software changes it to
it seems that ShutterSnitch interprets the comma in a way to start a new line
How can i fill this field with the text i need...?

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Re: Iptc problem

Postby TheBrew » Wed Aug 14, 2019 1:57 pm

Welcome to the 'wonderful' world of metadata.. ;)

The short version: It'll be saved the way you want it to ..kind of.

The long version: This particular field is a bit tricky, since it actually covers two metadata fields: IPTC Byline and Tiff Artist.

The IPTC field is an array of strings, but the Tiff field is just one string.

In ShutterSnitch each string is represented on a new line. When the field is saved, those lines are "glued together" with commas for the Tiff field and the IPTC field gets each line in an array.

The reason for the "kind of" comment in my short explanation: The result depends a little on how the software that reads the metadata chooses to parse that data. If it reads the Tiff Artist field, you'll see the comma version. If it reads the IPTC Byline strings, it's up to it how it will show those lines. Some shows them with commas, some with semi-colons.

Is this causing trouble with some software you're using or were you just surprised at the commas being turned into new-lines in ShutterSnitch while using it?
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