Snapseed / camera roll

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Snapseed / camera roll

Postby SeBBoZ » Tue Nov 10, 2020 12:17 am

The "adjust" mode is efficient but for many pictures I've to work on different areas of the picture. The only way that found is to "save to camera roll", open snapseed (for example), open the picture, work on it, save to camera roll and import the new one in shuttersnitch ouf! It's not very convenient.
This would be more practical if all the pictures would be automatically copied/saved in the camera roll (when we import them) and updated in shuttersnitch as soon as they're modified and saved by an other app. That would be simplier to archive too and to find all of the pictures on the phone in the same app (shuttersnicth folder or a folder by collection). By this way you'll leave the image management to the system (IOS/android).
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