Version 6.0.0 (Approved)

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Version 6.0.0 (Approved)

Postby TheBrew » Fri May 12, 2023 5:48 pm

* Added a dedicated 'Save to Photos' button option to the toolbar.
Tip: Tapping and holding the title bar while inside a collection will let you customize the toolbar buttons.
* Added a 'Save to Photos' option to the Limited Mode.
* Added support for opening an external viewer window on Apple Silicon Macs from the Window menu; acting like an external screen does on an iOS device. Mirrored output is only supported on iOS devices; however if you want the app mirrored on an external screen, macOS supports screen mirroring using the keyboard shortcut Command + F1.
If you are new to the external screen features: Tapping the title bar while inside a collection brings down the listening-info bar; if an external display is connected, the bar will show a display indicator on the left. Tap the left side of the listening-info bar to bring up the display options.
* The Review mode now has the ability to show specific Metadata fields and Captions. Captions can be configured via the External Screen settings and the Metadata fields are the fields you pick for the Overview page in the File Information sheet (Right click / Tap and hold a thumbnail / File menu on Mac).
* The three different panes in Review mode can be turned on or off via the External Screen settings or using the keyboard shortcuts Command + Option + I/M/C for Review Info, Metadata, or Captions respectively.
* Added Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO Speed, Focal Length, Lens, Camera, and Flash Fired to the Metadata Token picker.
* Added all Camera Raw Settings to the File Information metadata.
* Added the ability to rearrange the rows on the Overview page of the File Information sheet.
* Added background color options for the External Viewer.
* Added 'External Screen Related Settings' to the Configuration export options.
* Completely rewritten slideshow. Better randomized presentation and *all* new incoming photos are now displayed, not just the latest one. In Ken Burns mode photos with dimensions very different to the screen are now fitted better and get a blurred background.
* Added a Command + L keyboard shortcut for toggling the Slideshow.
* Added 'Toggle Slideshow' to the Game Controller button options.
* Added ability to show a customizable caption to the slideshow.
* Music can now be streamed when running a slideshow.
* The slideshow button will now turn solid when it's running.
* Added a lot of items to the menu bar on Apple Silicon Macs.
* Added a right-click / long press action to the title bar to change a few settings.
* Added keyboard shortcuts to show the Filter/Sorting options. Command + F to show the filter dropdown. Command + Option + F to show the filter dropdown and focus on the text-filter. Option + F to clear the filter.
* Filtering on text now also filters on filename and keywords.
* Added keyboard shortcuts to the browser: Page Up / Page Down now does the same as Option left/right arrow - jumps by X photos. You can adjust the amount by tapping and holding the >> navigation button. Home and End goes to the first or last photo respectively.
* Added keyboard shortcuts to the Filter dropdown: $ clears the filter, 1-5 toggles the star rating, 6-0 toggles the labels.
* Added keyboard shortcuts for selection using the arrow keys and holding the shift key.
* Added custom sorting. This is done by changing to Custom sorting in Grid mode (via the Filter button) and then dragging and dropping the thumbnails while in Selection mode.
* Added features for clicking specific buttons while holding down the Option key. Filter button clears the filter. Slideshow button toggles the slideshow. Action tasks button sets the default task to Do Nothing. Limited Mode button starts the mode immediately.
* Added some more context menu options to the right-click / long-press of thumbnails.
* Added spring-loading support to the collections overview, so hovering a file / selection of files over a collection will automatically enter it.
* On devices with a pointer and physical keyboard, pressing the Z key will now zoom to where the pointer is located.
* Fixed a bug on Mac where dragging a file to the Finder would drag a link-snippet and not a copy of the file.
* Fixed a QuickPaste presentation issue occurring in some scenarios on iPad.
* Fixed a crash occurring when showing the histogram for monochrome photos.
* Fixed a crash happening when deleting multiple files in Grid mode.
* Minor fixes.
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