Version 6.1.0 (Approved)

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Version 6.1.0 (Approved)

Postby TheBrew » Sun Jun 04, 2023 5:30 pm

* You can now edit the Share-options (arrow-going-out-of-a-box button) to hide options you never use or include locations you often use.
* Added the Share button as a toolbar option in the Filmstrip mode.
* Image Adjustments now opens in the mode it was last in (Crop or Zoom).
* Added a White Balance gray point picker tool button to the Image Adjustments.
* Added Undo support in Image Adjustments. With a keyboard connected use Command+Z to undo; otherwize make sure no one's watching and shake your device.
* Added support for copying and pasting adjustments using the keyboard shortcuts Command + C and Command + V. Command + Shift + C will include the crop/orientation.
* WebDAV uploads will now check if a file with the same name exists at the upload destination. If it is the same size, it will be considered uploaded and if not, a number is appended to the end of file being uploaded.
* Fixed a bug causing the Auto Advance feature to auto advance, and thereby skipping a file, in cases where a rated/labelled file was removed from the filtered list of files.
* Devices discovered via Bonjour are now named based on their hostname.
* The collage shown on the external screen during selection is now sorted similarly to the filmstrip/grid, not by filename.
* The context menu for thumbnails is now similar in both filmstrip and grid mode.
* Fixed a bug causing application shortcut items not to work.
* Fixed an graphical issue causing the Flip Image feature to not show the image as flipped in Image Adjustments. (Tap and hold the rotate button or via the Edit menu on Mac.)
* Minor fixes.
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