Version 1.1.4

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Version 1.1.4

Postby TheBrew » Fri Jun 22, 2012 4:08 pm

Since Apple is now only letting sandboxed applications into the Mac App Store, updates to ShutterSnitch Backup will not be available there anymore.

Sandboxed applications can only be allowed write access to very few locations on your disk. The rules would probably work fine with "regular" users, but I'm betting that a lot of you are backing up your large amounts of photos to other locations than your Photos or Home folder.
A sandboxed application can gain temporary access outside of these few standard folders, but only until the applications is quit. So that's no solution.

From now on, the latest version can be downloaded from here.

If the .zip file is not unpacked for you automatically, double click it to unzip. Make sure you quit the currently running version of ShutterSnitch Backup, then drag the .app to your Applications folder and run it again.

New features in 1.1.4: Better handling of a nonexistent backup folder and updated graphics for retina screens.
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