Canon 1Dx MK2 and ShutterSN.

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Canon 1Dx MK2 and ShutterSN.

Postby dmdeckbar » Mon May 02, 2016 5:00 pm

Hi there,
I need help to make the connection between the new Canon 1Dx MK2 with the WFT E6 and Shuttersnitch.
Some new things in the menu and I get lost :-(.

Is there something like a step by step tutorial ???

Best Dirk
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Re: Canon 1Dx MK2 and ShutterSN.

Postby TheBrew » Mon May 02, 2016 5:33 pm

Not that I know of. But the basics in the guides are the same.

The target FTP server needs to be:

* The IP address of the iOS device (shown when you enter a collection).
* The port (in the default setup it's 26000, also shown when you enter a collection).
* The username: snitch
* The password: The super user password you chose when first installing ShutterSnitch.

Those are the four things you need to tell the WFT for it to find and log into ShutterSnitch. And you also need to be inside of a collection for the FTP service to be running.

If you could be more specific as to what options you're given, I can try to guide you through it.
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